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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Intro: nekomancy's new food porn blog

Many people would Google up restaurants or cafe names, cuisines and recipes, chefs and novice cooks and avidly read what some would now term: "food pornography".

This is not only one neko's journey through the various foods and coffees of Perth, Western Australia. If you need to google this place you're outa luck of actually eating here. The trip over to our remote little island coast could be quite costly.

I'll try to make the journal interesting with amateur photos, snide commentary, cooking tips and criticisms - even some research into the techniques, but I can't really guarantee a master-piece by any stretch of imagination. Hopefully I can help you feed your inner foodie or give you a pleasant food pornography journey to tickle a guilty pleasure node or two.

Where do I start?

I love eating out and I really like cooking for friends and family. Not so adventurous now with home cooking, since I've basically found places I'm fond of and return often to the same places... This blog will also help me look for new venues, discover what's new or old around in Perth which I haven't tasted.

I normally spend almost 3-4 days a week out at various restaurants and cafes. Friends have told me to set a food blog up and really spend more time writing about the foods I've tried and the ideas I have for recipes. I've just been too lazy, Twitter has totally stalled my literary abilities and Facebook only helps me whinge or gloat about what I'm eating - with iPhone pictures. Yes, I take the amateur photos with iPhone 4. They'll get better once I learn to use technology I'm sure.

So I'll be starting with a number of the places which I usually go and love... the first few posts will not have "dates" of attendance but just photos, general comments and review.